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Mirabilandia is the most beautiful amusement park on the Adriatic coast. It always offers new entertainments and attractions (Katun, Autosplash, 4D Cinema, Police Academy, The Hot Air Balloons, etc.) and it represents the ideal place for families, young people and anyone who wants to have fun.
It is located near Ravenna, it is ranked among the 10 most beautiful and important amusement parks of Europe and it is certainly at the first place among the theme parks of the Adriatic coast. It hosts 1.500.000 visitors every year since it opened in 1992.

It covers 300.000 square meters, plus 100.000 square meters of Mirabilandia Beach, the affiliated aquatic park with swimming pools, water slides and artificial beaches. Among the 35 attractions of the park there are some of the highest level thrill rides, for example Katun (the number one inverted coaster in Europe), iSpeed (the thrill of racing at the speed of a Formula 1 car), Niagara, Twin Towers.

The entire family will also be able to enjoy a wide variety of shows at the park: "Police Academy" (an incredible stuntmen show), "Italian Baywatch" (acrobatic diving) and many others. Mirabilandia is divided in seven different thematic areas around a central lake. The amusement park is also an immense garden full of flowers and thousands of plants, where many rabbits, wild ducks and swans live. It is really relaxing to walk in the green areas of the park among lakes, fountains and waterfalls.

Mirabilandia brings together some of the best entertainers and attractions, offering fun and relaxation to satisfy the needs and demands of everyone.

Mirabilandia's promotion "Second day free" allows you to come back for free on the consecutive day. To take advantage of the promotion you must have a regular entrance ticket valid for the first relevant day of visit and, on the first day of visit, you are required to use your ticket to comply with the validation procedure.